About Us

We – Regency Hotelware - welcome you to our online market of designer hotelware collection. Through this distinct platform, we offer different collection of Deluxe Chafing Dish, Full Glass Chafing Dish, Bar Accessories, Dispenser and Warmers, Snack Warmer, Tray, Platters & Servers, Trolleys and many more. With our products, customers might get new ideas about their presentation and display themes. Our range will bestow a unique, elevated and classified presence to their cooking and dining. You will an elusive charm in presenting the food in our hotelware that will be similar to the quality of food you are serving.

Regency Hotelware products are designed on the foundation of research data related to client satisfaction and newest in the hotel industry. The said data helps us in understanding the client's expectations and inclination towards a specific theme, style of hotelware. Since the market scenario is competitive, this approach enable us to present an exclusive, unique, elegant, durable and easy to use products that meet the specific yet diverse requirements of clients belonging to hotel business. All the products are carefully evaluated. In case any of them don't measure up, we don't make them available on our website.

Regency Hotelware provides several choices in deluxe chafing dish, full glass chafing dish, bar accessories, snack warmer, trolleys and other hotelware; in terms of material of construction and finishing. We also give special care to packaging and quality that will allure you to fall in love with what you will shop here.